denicacassandra said: Has your impression of police changed along with your involvement in the OWS movement, or not?

Of course

occupy chop daily video blogs 7,8, and 9. sorry guys been sick for the past few days 

street music is so freakin awesome

my complaint to sgt Harmms

i fucking HATE scpd!!!!

this shit is crazy these two retards gave me a ticket for something i wasnt actually doing…….what kinda world are we living in 


Occupy Chop Video Blog Day 6 - Officer Winston Flips Anthony Off


Occupy Chop Video Blog Day 5. Anthony talks about some personal things.


Occupy Chop Video Blog Day 4 — Anthony is back from the Non-Violent Protest Workshop in Monterey with David Solnit and gets hassled by two cops on Pacific Avenue.


Occupy Chop and I went down to Monterey Sat 17Mar2012 to attend a Non-Violent Protest Planning Workshop featuring David Solnit.